Top 6 Gift for Programmers


For those of you who believe that the job of choosing the right gift for a programmer to be a complicated, highly expensive, and intimidating task, there's no need to worry. Whether or not the present is for a wedding, birthday or if you're wondering what to get your boyfriend for valentines day, these top, six gift ideas should work for even the most discerning computer geek.

For Birthdays:

  • A Keyboard Coaster
  • These glossy coasters are a unique, modern set of four. Each has the appearance of a computer keyboard that has been skillfully cut into squares. They are priced at around $25 and are as stylish as they are geeky. The tiny drinking trays make a great spot for a programmer to place his or her coffee, energy drink, or any other choice of beverage.

  • IQ Alarm Clock
  • If your programming compadre has a good sense of humor but a bad habit of over-sleeping (or not) a great gift idea for him or her is the IQ Alarm Clock. This clock is sure to wake up your friend because it won't stop sounding off until its quiz questions are answered.

  • Pluralsight Subcription
  • If you have it in your budget, a subscription with Pluralsight is a thoughtful gift of online courses for any programmer that can never get enough of learning something new to improve their skills in software development.

For Weddings:

  • Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker
  • Let's face it, when it comes to wedding occasions chances are that you are going to have to spend a more significant amount considering that you're giving a gift to two. One gift idea for a loving couple of programmers is The DeviceLab coffee maker. This gadget is an oval beauty. Its smooth surface comes in black or red and even though it will set you back about $140, the newlyweds will love that you provided them a way to stay awake in their efforts to meet the deadline of yet another programming project.

  • DeviceLab
  • Show the newlyweds how tech-savvy you are by giving them a DeviceLab responsive development stand. This gift allows the couple to place their devices in a central location which makes it much easier to test responsive sites.

  • Ghost Stand
  • If you know that the couple owns MacBooks, why not get them a pair of Ghost Stands? These stands are priced at $34.99 each and are used to elevate the programmers' MacBooks. In this way, the newlyweds will be able to look at their screens more comfortably. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the stand is that it is transparent so that when the MacBook is placed upon it, the stand gives the Mac the appearance of floating.

This list of 6 top gift ideas will hopefully be an inspiration to you when it comes to finding a great gift for all of those special programmers in your life.